“The Applimatics processes and tools provide just the right combination of magic and flexibility.”

- Professor of Software Design, Boston University


Our customers get the best support in the business. Frequent upgrades, live support, and personal service.

About AppliMatics

Our Roots

Over 15 years ago, we recognized that software systems were too difficult to develop, and therefore, too costly for most businesses to afford. We noticed that systems follow patterns: patterns of data, patterns of use, and patterns of implementation.

Following these insights, we created tools to help developers more efficiently create systems. These tools are at the foundation of how we can deliver the types of systems that we do so quickly, and with such high quality.

Our tooling is our “secret sauce” enabling an extremely efficient process of development which allows us to focus on your business needs while providing high quality, customized software in an unprecedented time frame and at a price-point that is hard to match.

Our Approach

We put the “science” back in computer science. The scientific method is about problem-solving, modeling, and technical communication.

We work with you to understand the business problem and break it down into its component parts. Next we develop business models that describe your business clearly, concisely and unambiguously. The models are fed into our tooling. Code created using our tools is highly reliable and requires little testing. The final step is what we call “Fit and Finish” where we build the custom aspects of the application that address the uniqueness of your business and present the look and feel that effectively represents your business.

Our People

We are professional information technology developers and business solutions architects. Our experiences range from corporate IT environments to start-up companies and entrepreneurial ventures.

Developers who work for AppliMatics engage in a rigorous program to learn our techniques of development and maintenance. We have in common a passion for best practices and hyper-optimizing our processes, end to end.

Imagine This...

Software on command

Applimatics provides the fastest path from concept to running application. It’s the closest to speaking into a microphone and getting the software you want. Contact us and put us to the test!