“We used to use spreadsheets to keep track of everything. The information is now in a database where everyone can access it. It’s the right tool for the job.”

- Operations Mgr, Material Processing Co.


Our customers get the best support in the business. Frequent upgrades, live support, and personal service.


Our specialty is providing web applications for data-capture and reporting applications.

Web applications are used through your web browser, and many people can use the same application at the same time. Your information is stored centrally. Changes made by one person are seen immediately by others.

Such applications can run internally within your business, accessible to your employees on your internal network, or they can be externalized for client and external access (for example, for use by your sales force, or by your customers).

Modeling your Business

We are experts at quickly understanding your business processes, the interactions and information flows between them, and the key performance indicators that you use to monitor the health of your business.

We work closely with your people to capture the uniqueness of your business. We share these findings with you in easy to understand models of your business that clarify where you have opportunities to improve your operations. From these inputs, we work with you to create a plan for automating your business, prioritized to meet your needs and aligned with your growth plan.

AppliMatics Solution Features

Once we have an information model for your business, our techniques rapidly create an information management system that presents functionality for immediate use, including features such as:

- Database designed for efficient information access
- Entering, browsing and editing of all business information objects
- Upload/download of CSV files for data import/export
- Management of reference data
- Full text search
- Support for Images and attachments
- Role-based Access Controls, e.g., Public View, Admin View, Sales View
- Rich text formatting using Textile markup (a simple alternative to HTML)
- Fully Customizable Views (banners, logos, …)

Imagine This...

Software that speaks your language

At Applimatics, we create solutions that are tailored to your way of doing business. We fit the application to how you work, not the other way around.