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Case - Application Inventory

A fortune 500 insurance company needed to move its data center from their old building across the street to their new building. The company had hired a team of experts who were ready to create the painstakingly detailed plans for how to move each application.

What was missing was an inventory of the applications along with information on who was knowledgeable about each application, who owned the data for each application, which database on the database server was supporting each application, which application server was hosting each application and how the applications were related to one another, i.e., data feeds between the applications.

The team didn’t need anything fancy. One of the more technical team members had created a Microsoft Access database. The first pass at collecting the data had involved weeks of emailing spreadsheets around and uploading them one-by-one into the Microsoft Access application. When the project was postponed and they faced revisiting the above process again, someone suggested using a web application which would enable them to gather the information quickly from a multitude of people across the organization, keep it updated as changes occurred and monitor the changes for impact on the move planning documents.

In two weeks Applimatics was able to create an application inventory tool that provided 85% of the functionality needed. The application owners were able to get right to work loading data into the tool. As more functionality was required, Applimatics was there to build upon the foundation of the original application.

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